Tonya is, hands down, the very best stylist I have ever had. She knows just what I want and my hair has never looked better.


You’ve found a Rat’s Nest!

After 25 years in the hair industry, I love doing hair as much as I did on day one. The location and size of the salons has changed, however my passion has not. 
Pairing with Sola Salon and Suites in West Saint Paul in April of 2020 was an outstanding choice, not only to drive my focus, but also for all reasons Covid-19. My goal is to provide a safe, fun, relaxing and caring environment and give you amazing hair!
Until we meet in my chair,
Health and hugs,

Products & Services


The Rat’s Nest Salon
Sola Salon Studios
1720 Livingston Avenue,  #11
West St. Paul, MN 55118




While pre-booking at the time of your appointment is the best option, you can also book online with Vagaro.


I offer $5 off cuts and $10 off colors for the person being referred and the person referring. Please ask for more information.


Forms of payment include cash, check, Mastercard, Visa and Discover.


Returns on products are accepted for 90 days. If there are issues with your purchase, exceptions may apply.


Life happens, that being said, I require 48 hours notice of cancellation. If late cancels or no shows become an issue, a non-refundable deposit may be required to book future appointments.



  • Per our new screening policy put in place at Sola, in coordination, with the State of MN, I will have to be in contact with you the night before your appointment to ask you 4 to 5 questions regarding your health. This will help us to preserve our time together during our appointment time.
  • I have safety and sanitation procedures that will need to be adhered to between each client and thus may lead me to running a few minutes behind for your appointment.

Your Part:

  • Clients will have to wear masks during their entire stay at Sola. To minimize interference, the masks that go around the ears are the best option. If you have any other type that are not conducive for cutting hair, you may be asked to hold it or I will have a disposable for purchase for $2.
  • When you arrive, please text me at the salon number 651-528-6549, and let me know that you are here. When I am ready, I will come to the front of the Sola building to get you.
  • At this time, we are not allowed to offer beverages (you may bring your own if you wish) or magazines.
  • Gloves for you are optional, whatever makes you comfortable. When entering the building, you must either wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, hugs and hand shaking are not allowed.
  • If you are in need of a product purchase, I will be more than happy to get the products off the shelf for you.

My Part:

  • I will be asking myself the same questions that I am asking you, as well as taking my temperature everyday and recording it.
  • I will be adhering to all of the suggested safety and sanitation protocol put in place by the State of MN and Sola.
  • I will be wearing a mask and sometimes I will also be wearing a face shield.
  • I will do my best to get back to your call or emails in a timely matter. I ask that going forward, all calls and texts regarding the salon be sent to 651-528-6549 and all emails to tlwhair76@gmail.