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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist


Mom, Madre, Mum, Ma, it all means the same thing... Love. The act of being 'mothered' is universally practiced by almost everyone, and possessing the endearing qualities of a Mom (such as compassion, great cooking, imagination, and strength) is what I'll be celebrating in May with your loved ones near and far. Let me help you do this by promoting a dollar a minute special for the Month of May!

30 min massage - $30
60 min - $60
90 min - $90
120 min - $120

Special Mothers Day Gift Certificates purchased during the entire month of May are redeemable for the rest of the year and expire on 12/31/2017. Taxes not included.

Give that special person the gift of relaxation, nourishment, and healing, so they can keep giving back all the care & affection we've experienced from them.

In Good Hands,
Ulises Zarate

For over 15 years I have been studying and utilizing a wide variety of massage modalities and techniques to help bring health and wellness to people in need. I believe in tailoring body work so that an individual's unique needs are not only met, but surpass expectations. We all play and work through the daily aches and pains of injury and aging, so I've developed a very relaxing form of massage that will keep you doing what you love to do longer.

I have realized that massage therapy is a calling in my life that flows through me naturally, relaxing me into a meditative state that brings peace into my every day. That is exactly what I offer my guests, a pause button in life. In my service you will find a haven from cellphones, drama, work and life related stressors. You will be investing in your own physical and mental wellness, provided with the freedom to check into or out of your body.

While pursuing a B.S. in kinesiology at the University of Minnesota I have learned that there is no more complicated piece of machinery than the human body; and that stress itself is not harmful, but the manner in which you deal with it is. My ever evolving massage ties together all of the different modalities I practice into one spectacular approach in understanding and treating the human body. All you have to do is book a massage, show up and give up control for an hour or two, and I will do the rest.

— Ulises


Custom Client Massages

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Stretching
Joint Mobilization
Craniosacral Therapy
Sport Specific Massage (pre/post event)
Myofascial Release
Undulation Acupressure
Trigger Point Therapy
Chakra & Reiki (energy) Healing
Sinus & Eye Inflammation Reduction Treatment
Thai Massage & Stretching
Syntropy Massage
Dry Cupping


15 minutes $17
30 minutes $45
60 minutes $93
90 minutes $123
120 minutes $170

Massage Hours

Sunday 8am-4:30pm
Monday 8am-4:30pm